Top Ten Highest Agricultural Exports in Nigeria

If you want to join this group of agricultural entrepreneurs, here are ten of the best products Nigerians are exporting now. 

Top Ten Highest Agricultural Exports in Nigeria

Nigeria is blessed with so much land and agricultural resources. Unfortunately, many Nigerians prefer to live a life of affluence, so they leave the farm and go to cities in search of jobs. Some Nigerians, however, are smart, tilling the ground, planting and harvesting crops for international export. If you want to join this group of agricultural entrepreneurs, here are ten of the best products Nigerians are exporting now. 


In many parts of Nigeria, garlic is used for food and medicinal purposes. Nigerian garlic is needed all over the world for its quality, aroma, and value. You can start garlic exports by collaborating with farmers from the northern parts of the country.  

Sesame Seed

This product is ranked as the second-highest export produce in Nigeria after cocoa. It is produced in Benue and Jigawa states and is needed all over the world for many reasons. 


Like garlic, ginger is also beneficial as a spice for cooking and medicinal purposes. You can start exporting ginger with minimal investment, and locating sources is not difficult because of large production. You can join online forums focusing on agriculture to connect with dealers. 

Yam Tubers

Currently, Nigeria is the largest producer and exporter of yams in the whole world. In the year 2009, Nigeria exported about $450 million worth of yams. Many Africans living abroad can’t do without yam and are ready to part with their hard currencies for it. 


In Nigeria, people use charcoal for cooking, and that is all. In other regions of the world, charcoal (in the form of activated charcoal) is useful in homes for eliminating odors, extract moisture from the atmosphere and do all sorts of things. Charcoal export is massive right now. 

Cashew Nut

Cashew nuts are produced in Nigeria and exported to more than 20 countries in the world, including Brazil, Vietnam, and India. An excellent way for you to earn foreign exchange. 


The oil from the groundnut is used for cooking and industrial purposes. Groundnut is produced in large quantities in the North and exported to Europe and America. Groundnut is useful for so many other things in homes and industries around the world. 

Chilli Pepper

Nigerian is a country blessed with good weather that makes it possible for planting and growing chili pepper. Many people, including bankers, are into chili pepper export. 

Plantain Flour

Exporting flour made out of plantain can be very lucrative. Many people are into this business because plantain is easy to source, especially in the southern parts of the country. Africans living in the diaspora use plantain flour for all sorts of things including swallow, because it is rich in vitamins and minerals. 

Shea Butter 

Nigeria is the largest exporter of shea nut and shea butter in the world with an estimated output of 500,000 metric tons. If you are interested in this business, find your way to Niger state. The state alone produces about 57% of all the shea butter in the world. 

Before starting an export business make sure you get all the information needed for you to succeed. You should also lookout for the best places to source for the cheapest of these items. Going directly to the main source will increase your profit and make it possible to continue your trade and improve on it.

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