What to consider while selecting an Email Finder tool?

Every professional, irrespective of the industry type, understand the value of an email. And if one doesn’t, such people miss out on a significant segment in the marketing pie. Since you are here reading this article, I assume that you believe in the power of email marketing.

What to consider while selecting an Email Finder tool?

Are you someone searching for the best ways to reach out to investors or influencers who can help in promoting your brand?

Or a recruiter trying to contact the right candidate for a vital position in your organization?

The best & professional approach would be through an email!


So how do we find the email address of our prospects? Well, there are ways to track down someone’s email id from the internet. However, it’s a tedious task & time-consuming too. And there’s no guarantee that the details you’ve got are accurate & up to date.

Have you heard of the email search tools? Thanks to the advancement in technology that made these tools possible!! 

Many tools, such as GetEmail.io, use big data & machine-learning algorithms to find any professional’s email address in few seconds.

While there are many tools out there, not everywhere you get reliable data or information.

Here are some of the basic things you should consider while selecting the right tool.


This is a business model where you can use the primary feature of the tool for free. 

Using the free subscription model, you would evaluate how efficient the search tool is and make it easy for you to decide whether to go for upgrades with basic or premium packages.

Since there is no loss in going for a free trial, you must try it out to learn about the application by yourself as they say your experience is the best teacher!

GetEmail.io is one such tool that comes with a free test enabling you to evaluate the service before committing. 

Plan & Pricing

The next thing to look into is the pricing details. Usually, every service provider will have separate packages for different plans. 

All you need to do is just compare and see who is giving you more for less. 

Data Accuracy Guarantee

This is one of the significant factors that you shouldn’t be missing out on. What’s the point of subscribing to a plan and not receive quality data? 

Before proceeding with a brand, ensure that the service provider guarantees a certain level of data accuracy.

Some companies offer up to a 95% data accuracy guarantee.

CRM Integration

It becomes easy to make the best out of the data when it’s integrated into your CRM.

API Access

This is a software to a software interface that offers a safe & standardized way for applications to exchange data with each other & deliver the information requested by the user.

So, ensure that you are opting for a solution that possesses this feature.

Customer Support

No one becomes a pro just by subscribing to a plan. When you are new to an application, you would have queries about the usage of the software, or you may face a technical glitch. 

How will you get this resolved quickly & effortlessly? 

Good customer support is the best way to get things sorted out.

Check what kind of support they offer you. Is it going to be chat support or email support, or phone call support? It’s well and good if you have multiple ways to contact the support team. 


This is where you will get an idea about what others say about the service provider.

What’s the best way to get an overview of a product than hearing from the existing users. 

Never skip this step.

I hope this will be helping you to select the ideal email search tool

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