4 Things to do In Jurong, Singapore

Although a small country, Singapore has several interesting tourist areas with various exciting spots. Most of the tourists may only travel in the heart of Singapore, but, have you ever been to Jurong East?

4 Things to do In Jurong, Singapore
4 Things to do In Jurong, Singapore

Jurong East is located in the west of Singapore and covers 380 hectares. Although not many international tourists know, this place has lots of interesting vacation destinations!

In addition, you will also find hotels in Jurong that you can choose as a place to stay. Of course it will make your vacation even more fun!

So that when you go on vacation to Singapore you won't be confused and don't just go to mainstream places, here are reviews of some interesting places in Jurong that you can visit.

Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden

For those who are bored with the hustle and bustle of the city, the Chinese Garden in Jurong East Singapore can be an alternative place for a fun vacation. This unique place was designed specifically to follow the architectural style of the garden during the Chinese empire.

Chinese-style buildings, stone bridges, and pagodas are some of the things you can see here. In addition, there are lots of pomegranate trees and 12 statues that symbolize the Chinese zodiac.

In addition to gardens and gardens in the style of the Chinese kingdom, in this place, there is also a Japanese Garden. The concept of a Japanese-style garden is more or less the same as the Chinese Garden. The fun thing is, the two places are only separated by a magnificent and beautiful white bridge.

The bridge is named the Double Beauty Bridge. You can take pictures in this place or throw breadcrumbs to feed the fish swimming in the lake under the bridge. Wow, it must be nice to have memories of such a beautiful place.


Jurong Bird Park

This is home to 5,000 birds of 400 species. This place is the largest park in Asia with a tourist area covering 20.2 hectares. He exclaimed, almost all birds are allowed to fly freely in this place.

Even so, Jurong Bird Park is still divided into several areas. Waterfall Aviary, for example, in this area visitors will enter one of the largest bird cages in the world which is inhabited by 600 birds.

Jurong East Swimming Complex

This water tour is said to be one of the best theme parks in Singapore. Here you can play in various pools including the popular wave pool!

In addition, visitors can also choose to play in dozens of other water games that have their own excitement. Among them are 3 water slides that challenge adrenaline with a height of 5.7 meters to 17 meters.

Interesting right? About security, don't worry. Although each water slide offers a challenging experience, the manager of Jurong East Swimming Complex always places professional and experienced staff.


The Rink at JCube

Want to try ice skating in a tropical country like Singapore? The Rink is the right place for you. This exciting tourist spot is located in a well-known shopping center in Jurong East called Jcube.

If you feel you are not good at skating, don't worry. The management of The Rink also opens a beginner class for those who are just learning to skate. The rates also vary, depending on the hours and what type of ice sport you want to learn.

To skate here, you don't have to bother bringing your own equipment. The manager of The Rink provides a variety of equipment and supplies that make the skating experience even more exciting.

Those are 4 interesting locations in Jurong that you can visit while on vacation alone or with your family. One of the hotels recommended by Traveloka is Genting Hotel Jurong which is close to JCube. Surely you will find it easier when visiting the place, right?

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