Top 10 Safest Cities In Africa

Top 10 safest cities in Africa for travelers and visitors. Africa is the world’s second largest by land mass and second most populous continent on earth. As of 2017, the total population on this continent was 1,219 billion people. And, while there are about 3,000 native languages in Africa, the go to language is English, which is widely spoken in all nations along with their various indigenous languages.  

Top 10 Safest Cities In Africa
Top 10 Safest Cities In Africa

Sadly the continent has one of the highest crime rates world over. 

During the period from 2003 to 2008, 68.9% of crimes reported were at a household level while 31.1% were individual incidents of crime. Furthermore, there is an average of 12.4 incidents of crime per 100,000 inhabitants of this continent. The continent is plagued by constant increasing crime levels and, for the most part, these levels seem to be on the steady rise. 

However, times are changing from what it where, most African cities have become relatively safe and peaceful, now attracting foreign investors and tourists all. There is still a long way to go though, but where on the planet is totally crime free and safe? No where. 


The Top 10

1. Kigali Rwanda 

The total population of Kigali as at 2012 was numbered at 859,332 residents. Kigali is situated in approximately the center of the country, and also is the capital. The city is for the most part spread across various hills, ridges, and valleys. This is considered to be the absolute safest city on the African continent, as opposed to a few years back when this same country was war torn and plagued with child and infant mortality. 

While crime levels remain relatively low in this city, there are some incidents of burglary, muggings, and bag snatching, not surprising though. The city is very safe and this is apparent on arrival. Ranked as the 9th safest city in the world, security here is very visible from police checkpoints to rapid response units answering to emergency calls. 


2. Tangier Morocco 

Located in the Northwestern part of the country, Tangier is a Moroccan port situated on the Strait of Gibraltar. According to a general census in 2014, the population of Tangier was stipulated to be 947,952. 

The country of Morrocco has done a lot in the past few years to clean up the image of Tangier. The law enforcement agencies have increased security forces in this city and other cities in this country with respect to recent world events. For the most part, this is a safe city to visit.

Visitors are reminded to remain vigilant at all times and to ensure that valuables are kept in a safe place. This city does experience the regular crimes such as pick pocketing, purse snatching, grab and run amongs others, and theft from vehicles parked at traffic lights that are occupied. In general it is far safer than what it was years ago. 


3. Victoria Seychelles 

Victoria, the largest city in Seychelles, also its capital. Victoria is situated on Mahé Island. This city enjoys a relatively low crime rate and visitors are generally safe in this city. There are, however, instances of robberies, burglaries, and instances where criminals have taken opportunistic shots at tourists, residents, and expatriates.

Crime is generally non violent and more prevalent during the night. If visiting your are advised not to venture out at night or alone. There are moderate levels of property crime and low levels of violent crime in this city. Seychelles is a heavy tourist attraction, so measures have been put in place to ensure the safety of visitors and residents as well. 


4. Dar - es - Salaam Tanzania 

Started as a small fishing village on Tanzania’s Indian Ocean coast, then with trade grew into a major city and commercial port, metamorphosing into what it is today. This city is known for its beautiful beaches, breathtaking islands, amazing food, and incredible music. 

While this city is safe for tourists and there is likely no chance of being involved in any type of serious crime during the day, those traveling to this destination are advised to never travel alone, or travel during the night.

Keep in mind that while this city is relatively safe, there are still some common types of crime that occur during the daytime, such as smash and grabs, muggings, attacks on vehicles, and home invasions, to mention but a few. In all this city is relatively safe and also the city keeps a low profile. 


5. Port Louis Mauritius 

Port Louis is the capital city of Mauritius which sits pretty on the Indian Ocean. This city is quite safe. However, areas closer to the center of the city may experience slightly higher crime rates than its neighbouring cities. The crime in this city is mostly petty theft and non violent, ranging from bag snatching, pick pocketing and relatively low car theft. 

As a visitor you are advised to avoid going out at night and stay clear of dark areas and walk alone on the beaches. In addition, visitors are kindly reminded to avoid the backstreets of the business district of this city, as the crimes in the city are mostly perpetrated here. 


6. Gaborone Botswana 

The capital city of Botswana, located in the southern part of Africa. It is considered to be one of the safest countries in Africa. The country is fairly well developed and is relatively safe for travelers and loners.

The country relies heavily on its tourism industry and experiences much lower crime rates than other African countries. People traveling to this country may experience petty crime and those visiting this country are advised not to venture out at night or travel to areas of the city that experience higher levels of poverty, as crime and other vices tend to be the order of the day around such places, other than that, the city is relatively safe. 


7. Nairobi Kenya 

Located in East Africa, Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya. While the city is relatively safe, there is still the risk of becoming a victim of muggers, pickpockets, or robbers. Visitors are mostly advised to avoid traveling at night and to avoid traveling to areas of the city that experience higher levels of poverty, as these areas experience higher crime levels than usaul. 

Also, when in Nairobi expect security checks at most buildings and always carry an ID document with you as security is a high priority in this city. 


8. Cape Town South Africa 

Cape Town is the capital city of South Africa and is located on the tip of Africa, in the South of the continent. it is a great city to visit, as it is relatively safe. Crime levels are relative and there are quite a few instances of property crime and violent crime. Most of the serious crimes are confined to the lower income areas and security is pretty tight in the upper suburban areas.

The city is known for highjackings, smash and grabs, robbery, pickpocketing, and a range of other crimes. Visitors and tourists are reminded to remain extremely vigilant when traveling in this city and to steer clear of the central business district which experiences much higher crime rates as expected.

However, in the more rural farming communities such as Stellenbosch, it is a lot safer for travelers and visitors, as the people here are common town folk and largely farmers. 


9. Kampala Uganda 

Kampala is the capital city of Uganda and borders Lake Victoria. This city is relatively safe both during the day and at night. However, visitors are reminded never to take chances.

You may expect non violent crimes to be carried out in this city, such as pickpocketing, smash and grab, and purse snatching. However, there have been serious warnings issued to women against moving alone, as sexual assault is rampant in this city. 


10. Tunis Tunisia 

The capital city of Tunisia. Located farthest  north of Africa.  This is a city considered to be very safe for travelers and visitors.

Most of the northern parts of this country are considered to be very safe, while cities located to the south and west of this country are considered to be more dangerous. There have, however, been instances of terrorist attacks in this country, and visitors are advised to remain vigilant of their surroundings, not to venture out alone at night, and avoid any political demonstrations or altercations, as these have been a major cause of unrest. Aboveall, this is one of the safer cities on the African continent. 

As you would notice in the write up, it is not all shine and gloom, yes these cities are safe, but also they have there shortcomings and what have you. Bottom line is, if you are a visitor or traveler even dweller in any of these cities and others not mentioned here, be vigilant and cautious regardless of how safe and assured you feel. 

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