How to get the best Online Mixing and Mastering Service

Do you need a professional mixing and mastering service for your song? You can be confident of quality delivery when you commit your project to our hands. Mixing and mastering are two important steps in music production. The two determine how your song will be perceived by your audience, which is why you need professionals who will not only give you the confidence of a nice job but ensure your song is perfectly worked on.

How to get the best Online Mixing and Mastering Service

Mixing & Mastering by  is the magic that brings your music to life.

From their professional studio in Los Angeles, they have worked with numerous artists from across the world. Mixed and mastered their songs to perfection, ensuring they deliver the perfect hit to their audience. It is what they do best. However, mixing and mastering are two different services, both of which are important before marketing, video shoots, or promotion.

Their high-end studio is well equipped with industry-standard facilities with some of the most experienced professionals in the industry. When experience mixes with great professionalism, you can be expectant of nothing short of extraordinary. Benefit from their years of experience mixing and mastering songs of all manners of genres and style.

Online Mixing

Mixing or audio mixing is the combination of all your recorded audios to produce the main track. After recording all the necessary materials, you need a good audio mixing service to deliver the finished work according to the right standard. It is the job of the mixing engineer to perfect the sounds coming from your recorded audios and refine them to the beauty your audience will never stop listening to.

During mixing, a series of things are done. Each track needs to be balanced. But not only that, but the mixing engineer will also apply compression, equalization, reverb, among other efforts to deliver a quality mixed sound.

"At Mix and Master My Song, we use the best techniques, not automated software that will mumble up your song. We pay attention to every detail, ensuring the best sound comes out and your tracks are well blended. We will also carry you along with the progress of the project and listen attentively to your expectations. This is your song, of course; we know you have a picture or mind recording of what you want the finished work to sound like. It is our job to meet that expectation and deliver beyond it. And when it comes to that, we never disappoint."

Online Mastering

Mastering is the final stage after mixing before your song can be released. While mixing deals with the changes and adjustments involved in the combination of singular tracks into one main track, mastering can be seen as the final touch in music production. It is what actually gives the perfection that will make your song the satisfying sound aired on radio and loved by your audience across platforms.

The purpose of mastering clearly differs from that of mixing as explained above. With mastering, your song will be able to reach the standard level of loudness and produce great audio quality on any sound system. The goal is to ensure your song is loved and enjoyed by your audience, the sound quality is part of what plays a key role in that. Our mastering service by the mastering master, Matty will ensure your song is widely enjoyed whether through headsets, loudspeakers, on radio, or any other means.

If you plan to release your song on all streaming services, then you need to be very much concerned about the mastering project. Every famous singer out there knows how important this stage is and they are always looking out for the best service provider in this area. Our mastering pricing starts at just $60 for Stereo mastering and $90 for Stem mastering.

Every day, we work on various mixing and mastering projects with singers from across the world. We are well informed on the latest practices in the industry, and we remain committed to delivering exceptional services to our clients always. As part of efforts to ensure this, we offer professional free mix advice in addition to our online mastering service. Mixing and mastering go hand in hand, so getting the best possible mix makes mastering awesome.

Professional Mixing and Mastering Training

Mixing and mastering is a fun thing to do, but not without the necessary skills. Without understanding the rudiments of the two, you will find music production hard to do. This is why we have arranged mixing and mastering presets, templates, and courses to help you learn and grow as you take on the adventure of creating gold out of raw sounds.

What will you get during this training?

  • Waves vocal presets
  • Waves Mastering Chain Presets
  • Waves 2-Track Beat Booster Preset
  • Slate vocal presets package
  • FabFilter Mastering Presets
  • Hip-Hop Mixing Course

This is a 3 hours course on how to mix a song from scratch

  • Mixing Templates (and more).


Ready to take your music to the next level, get in touch with us and let’s discuss your project. Hire a professional online mixing and mastering engineer today and get the best value for money.

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