Tanzania And Kenya: An Idyllic Setting For Nature And Wellness Retreats

Combining a once in a lifetime safari with a holistic and wellness retreat in Kenya and Tanzania gives you the chance to experience nature first hand, where you get to see wild animals in their natural habitat, spend time away from your smart devices and a chance to meet with the locals. All these added benefits in the wild plus the benefits of a wellness retreat is why wellness tourism is on the rise both globally and in Africa. From 2015 to 2017, it grew by 6.5%, twice as fast as general tourism. In Africa alone, wellness tourism is expected to grow by more than 11% by 2022 per year. Some of the top destinations in Africa where Wellness tourism is growing is Kenya and Tanzania.

Tanzania And Kenya: An Idyllic Setting For Nature And Wellness Retreats

Maintaining a pure and positive state of mind and seeking personal renewal in the peaceful rhythms and solace of mother nature has immense benefits and has been a practice of humankind since the early days of civilization. That’s what makes Kenya and Tanzania the ideal places to host your next wellness retreat. Experience nature at its finest with all the serene breathtaking scenes and activities serving as the icing on top. The good news is that many travel companies across Kenya and Tanzania are now including nature and wellness retreats as part of the modern day travel and leisure itinerary. 

Benefits of Holistic and Wellness Retreats in Africa

The general objective of a nature and wellness retreat is to help you relax and rejuvenate, reconnecting you with the beautiful essence of nature while strengthening your central core. It helps you regain your mental, physical, emotional balance and harmony enabling you to be at peace with the universal energy and rhythms around you. All these benefits can also be enjoyed in Tanzania and Kenya and even more. Other benefits include:

Relieves and Releases Stress

Arriving at a serene beachfront, or a mountain range holistic wellness retreat, is like entering the very heart and core of life’s true essence and meaning. You start to relax and decompress from the hustle and bustle of your normally hectic daily schedule, you start to relax into sync with the natural rhythms, aromas, energy and sound of the surroundings in the wild. You become precisely aware of your own natural balances, harmonies and sensations that you are hardly aware of. Your body rhythms, mental activity and emotional balances react to align with the pure, nurturing environment you find yourself in.

Health Enhancing Exercises

Pilates and gentle resistance stretching sessions in relaxed yoga enable you to regain your natural sense of physical balance and wellbeing. You experience the heights of elation resulting from a healthy and empowering exercise like meditation, yoga and digital detox. All of these done with a lush background of rolling plains and endless hills on the horizon. The experience is unlike anything you’ve ever felt. 

Digital Detox

Our dependence on our screens for information, entertainment, work, and relationships has taken a toll on us. Digital detox goes a long way in showing you how to become less of a slave to technology moving forward. It gives you the chance to step back temporarily and when you return back to your normal way of life, you feel more recharged, productive, and with a different perspective on how you lead your life.


Meditation helps us discover real bliss and inner peace. The wild offers a perfect environment for achieving inner peace. Spending time with nature away from the normal day to day hustle and bustle enables us discover the depth of our inner selves and helps us change the way we think about experiences, reduce stress and anxiety.

Tanzania And Kenya

Mental And Emotional Benefits

Calming wellness activities such as yoga and meditation provides a soothing way to let go of any negative feelings or emotions. The holistic approach for many decades has proven to be a productive method for tackling negative emotions like stress, anxiety and depression. The feeling of knowing yourself have come to the ideal location to be one with nature’s soothing palette of colourful and infinite wonders sets in. You welcome the solace of community with nature while doing yoga in the wild, meditating during the day with the sounds of wild animals, and dining under the stars at night.

Spiritual Benefits

The ability to reconnect with self and rediscover your beliefs and true values in life can be achieved through the help of holistic healing. Stress, on the other hand, is a detrimental effect that unbalances our lifestyles and spiritual well-being by using up a lot of our body’s energy. Through the help of holistic teachings of meditation and yoga retreats, you can learn to relax, reduce stress and reconnect to your spiritual core.

Everyone needs a break – be it from work, school, or a busy city. Thankfully today, more and more establishments cater specifically to those in need of this escape. Kenya and Tanzania promote being closer to nature, a healthier diet, spiritual activities like yoga, and the forgotten importance of basic rest and relaxation. So the next time you’re seeking for an idyllic setting for your nature and wellness retreats, think Tanzania and Kenya! It promises to be a once in a lifetime experience.

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