Vastu for Flats: Crucial things to consider before buying a flat

Discover the ancient art of Vastu Shastra to create a balanced and auspicious environment within your flat.

Vastu for Flats: Crucial things to consider before buying a flat

Vastu Shastra plays an important role in refining the life of an individual. This article explains the crucial things which are important principles of vastu for flats.

There are a number of things which a person considers before buying a flat. It includes price, location, design and architecture. However, apart from that, it's also crucial to consider various other factors to ensure a harmonious and prosperous living environment. Here comes Vastu Shastra into the picture.

What is a Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian architectural science that provides guidelines for creating spaces that promote positive energy flow. By incorporating Vastu principles into your decision-making process, you can enhance the overall well-being and happiness of your future home. In this article, we will discuss important aspects to consider as per Vastu before buying a flat.

Top Concepts of Vastu for Flats to consider before buying a flat:

Location and Direction:

The location of a flat is a very important factor as per the Vastu. It should be in the East, North or in the North East. The entrance of the flat should never be facing south or south west direction. These directions could invite negative influences. The flat should not be located near to Hospitals, Cemeteries etc which could invite negative vibes.

Entrance and Main Door:

The gateway for the energy flow is the entrance of the flat. The flat should have a spacious entrance as it invites positive and new opportunities. As per the principle of vastu for flats, The main entrance of the home should not be facing south. Also, avoid keeping an obstruction in front of the main gate, it symbolizes the obstacles for positive vibrations. The door should always open smoothly.

Floor Plan and Room Placement:

Examine the floor plan of the flat and analyze the placement of rooms. The master bedroom should ideally be located in the southwest corner of the flat. It promotes stability and a sense of security. The kitchen, being a vital area, should preferably be positioned in the southeast. Avoid having the kitchen in the northeast, as it is considered inauspicious. Other rooms like the living room, dining room, and study should be situated appropriately to ensure a balanced energy flow throughout the flat.

Balconies and Windows:

Balconies and windows offer a connection to the outside world and allow the entry of natural light and fresh air. North and East direction has maximum sunlight. So, there should be a maximum number of windows as per the Vastu principle. Proper ventilation is necessary for maintaining a healthy living environment.

Colors and Décor:

The color used for the interior décor also significantly impacts on the energies of the flat.Vastu for flats recommends using light and soothing colors like beige, white or pastel shades. Avoid using dark and vibrant colors excessively, as they can create an imbalance. Additionally, incorporating natural elements, such as indoor plants and water features, can further enhance the positive energy within the flat.

Amenities and Infrastructure:

Consider the amenities and infrastructure provided by the housing society. Look for flats with well-maintained common areas, a clean water supply, and proper waste management systems. A peaceful and well-managed environment contributes to a positive living experience.

Shape of the plot:

The shape of the plot is another major factor when buying a flat or a house. The plot should be in rectangular or square shape. The plot should be facing squarely in four cardinal directions. 1:1 or 1:1.5 or 1:2 are the ideal ratio between length and breadth of the building. The oval shaped, triangular shape and circular shape plots are not applicable as per the concept of vastu for flats. The best type of plot is a plot with four corners and square in shape.

Other points to consider:

  • Always avoid Pooja room in South Direction

  • The wall of Pooja's room should not adjoin to the washroom

  • The kitchen should be in South East direction as per the Vastu

  • The flat should receive proper sunlight and fresh air

  • The living room in the east direction is good and it promotes a positive impact on life

  • The main entrance door of a flat should not face lifting

 What are the benefits of including the Vastu Principle?

Good Relationship:

Vastu Shastra helps in improving the relationship. It also improves the personality of an individual. Positive energy in the house improves the bonding between members of the house.

Improves life:

Vastu Shastra always improves the life of a person by bringing harmony and peace. The correct position of things in the house attracts positive vibrations.

Financial Progress:

Vastu Shastra always boosts positivity in the place. It also helps in giving financial independence and growth. One can experience financial benefits and prosperity.  


Vastu-oriented houses also offer good health on the physical and mental levels. The abundant natural light and fresh air in the house help in promoting good health. Moreover, the vastu principles help you in saving from harmful ultraviolet rays. The atmosphere inside the house helps in reducing the stress level.


Considering the principle of Vastu for Flats before purchasing it can help create a harmonious and prosperous living space. You can invite positive energies into your home by paying attention to location, direction, entrance, floor plan, and décor. Remember, while Vastu guidelines offer valuable insights, it's important to strike a balance between traditional principles and your personal preferences. Consulting a Vastu expert can provide additional guidance tailored to your specific needs.

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